Talk With Our Kids About Money Day

Photo of two children holding a piggy bank and coins

The third Wednesday in April every year – April 15th in 2015 is Talk With Our Kids About Money Day.  On the ‘Talk Day,’ families and teachers can make a point of talking with kids about money, whether round the table, at bedtime, in a classroom, reading or watching TV.

To help get the conversation started, families can check out the Home Program for free information, resources, and helpful links to engage kids about money matters. A similar School Program is also perfect for bringing the discussion to the classroom. Visit to access these programs and a variety of age-appropriate ideas and activities to get your kids thinking and talking about money.

Research shows that young people learn best through activity and participation. When talking about financial matters, try and involve children actively in learning. Younger children in particular enjoy crafts, puzzles, and games.

Sometimes conversations about money can be easier to get started in writing than in discussion. Consider an email or sending a link to an article as a discussion starter. Don’t try and do too much at any one time. Pick a couple of key topics to learn about and focus the discussion on those.

Money talks can happen on any day of the year, and can become a natural and comfortable part of conversations with your kids. You can begin anytime, and the annual Talk With Our Kids About Money Day is a great day to get started if you haven’t already.