About the Forum

About the Forum

The Manitoba Financial Literacy Forum is a coalition of organizations and individuals working together to promote lifelong financial education and skills to Manitobans.

The Forum is currently comprised of more than 40 active members, including government agencies, private businesses, not-for-profit organizations, financial educators, credit counselling services and volunteer groups, as well as individuals and families. Click here to find out how you can get involved.


The vision of the Manitoba Financial Literacy Forum is improved financial literacy for all Manitobans.


The Financial Literacy Forum believes that improved financial literacy can be achieved by:

  • Sharing responsibility
  • Engaging in lifelong learning
  • Providing leadership and collaborating
  • Delivering and promoting financial literacy programs and resources
  • Being accountable


The objectives of the Financial Literacy Forum are to:

  • Leave a legacy
  • Bring together service providers and end users
  • Move Task Force recommendations forward
  • Create a landscape for empowered decision making
  • Encourage, support and facilitate delivery of financial literacy for all stakeholders