Competition Bureau: Final FinTech report

On December 14, 2017, the Competition Bureau published the final report of its Fin Tech market study. The first link below is the announcement from the Competition Bureau of Canada. The second link is a copy of the actual report. Announcement – Final report –

Lunch ‘n’ Learn with the Forum – 2018 Dates

The Manitoba Financial Literacy Forum will be hosting the following Lunch ‘n’ Learn seminars each month through to April 2018. Registration is $20 per session which includes lunch! Tuesday, Feb. 6 @ Noon, 2018 CYNTHIA DUNCAN Certified Financial Planner, Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc. TOPIC: RRSPs vs. TFSAs Tuesday, Mar. 6 @ Noon, 2018 ANGEL…

Money, Mood and Expectations

Photo of mother and child

Emotion and psychology affect everything we do. Decisions we make about money are no exception, and how we choose to invest, save, and spend can all be affected by our beliefs, feelings and state of mind.

For instance, although stock market changes are generally consistent with valuations, investors rarely act as rationally. Investors that hear positive reports about a particular investment will flock to drive up the stock price beyond what it’s likely worth, while negative news can considerably devalue the price as investors quickly flee elsewhere.